Major diving spots where we dive (from west to east):





This dive site thanks his name to the shape of the entrance to the cave looking as the pillars. The cave entrance is at depth of 20 mt, and inside goes to the tower. Suitable for advanced experienced divers. At the entrance as all other caves , the walls are full of colorfull sponges. Out of the cave to the west, you can follow nice wall (depth up to 40 mt).



Cave (-20 met), Wall up to -35 met



Another best dive spot. Times ago it was complete cave, but, also long ago, roof breaks and left holes through sunlight enters to the cave making spectacular effect under water. Best time to go in early afternoon, but not bad in the morning. Entrance on 14 mt depth through colorfull passage full of diferent sponges and small crabs. The last part of the cave become real cave (4-6 mt deep).

Big Cave

One of best dive sites of Adriatic Sea. The big cave starts at 18mt with bottom down to 30 mt, 20 - 30 mt wide. On both sides of the entrance small half caves can be seen, but not overlooked! They are very coolrfull thanks to great variety of sponges of intens blue and yellow color and looks as chapel ! As divers swim inside, bottom rises up to the surface. Yes, the cave havs big air buble, the lake, diameter 15 mt 6-8 mt high. Air breathable. Not so long ago Mediterane seal (Monk Seal) was living there. On the west of the cave gorgeous wall (over 40 mt) follows, full of red gorgonias sometimes scorpion fish laying on it, lobster often seen. For advanced and experienced divers. Shallow part excelent and exciting for beginners. Octopus and small fish spot. Snorkelers place.


Cape wall

Exciting wall which falls from surface to the depth of sometimes over 40 mt. A lots of fish, sponges can be seen, Lobster too. Excelent dive spot for all levels of experienced divers. Beginers and advanced. Snorkeling excelent.


Hiden cave

Huge Cave (with entrance on about 26mt) thanks here name to the fact that it's dificoult to find it!! The cave is big, roof is quite flat well 5-8 mt over sandy bottom, can be seen conger eal and morray eal. Entrance of the cave full of colorfull sponges. Exciting wall (lobster) follows on the west of the cave. Advanced and experienced divers only. Shallow part of the wall is good for beginers with good boyancy control.


Shell wall

South side of islet Small Prznjak falls as the Wall to over 40 mt., lobster, scorpion fish, octopus cann be seen, red gorgonias too. Exciting dive spot, for advanced divers. For snorkelers too.



Antic Wall

In between Big and Small Prznjak swimming to the south, diver finds a waal faling dsown to over 40 mt depth. Pieces of amphoras witness of old antic sea excident. Red gorgonias can be seen at 30mt deepth, lobster and hummer seen. Full of old fishing nets. For experienced divers. Shallow part of dive site (4-6 mt) excelent for begginers, lots of sea life,small fish, shells, posidonia fields on the white sand bottom.


Great Wall

South side of islet Lukovac fools down to the underwater wall which is going over 40 mt deepth. Curents possible. Very clear sea, visibility up to 30 mt. Suitable for advanced experienced divers. On East side - shallow portion of reef, excelent diving spot (small walls and cave, up to 15 mt depth), suitable for novice divers. Excelent dive site for everyone even for snorkeling.



Deep Wall (-65met) red gorgonias!


Gorgonia forest

Outside deep Reef Wall suitable only for experienced divers in good diving shape, wall over 40 mt. On the depth of 35 mt grows forest of red gorgonias. In shallow waters can be seen octopus and good snorkeling spot.



Wall for beginners and experienced divers (up to 15 mt deep). Nice small walls comming up from posidonia fields, Easy and nice.


H R West (Home Reef West)

Nice Wall up to 25 mt depth, schools of fish regularly seen swimming arround.Suitable for novice and experienced divers. Also, Night Dive Point


H R South

Few nice walls up to 45 mt depth, lobster seen, shallow east portion of the reef covered with yellow gorgonias. Schools of small fish usualy arround. Sometimes drift dive done. Suitable for divers from novice to experienced.


Home reef

Excitinf Underwater reef with top on -5mt going down to -40mt. Sank exploded marine mine from WW1(-12mt), sank fishing boat (-30), full of small fish, very friendly, lobster seen sometimes. Octopus, colorfull sponges. Regular Night Dive spot.


Hiden Reef

Underwater Deep reef starting from 24 mt going deep. Only for very experienced divers in good diving shape.


Stupa W

Nice west side cape of islet Stupa, with wall up to 25 mt depth, good for beginners and also for advanced and very experienced divers. Schools of fish swimming arround at depth of 5-15 mt


Stupa S Wall

Deep wall, from 30 to 45 mt, lobster, moray eals, only for very experienced divers.


Clear Wall

Wery clear water wall up to -45 mt depth, good for advanced divers.


Sridnjak Deep Wall

Underwater wall up to 60 m





Jugo point

Interesting wall starting from 25 mt, lobster and hummers seen often. Suitable for advanced divers. Shallow part (up to 25 mt) depth good for novice divers.


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Apointed diving spots are just the major ones.

We dive on many other positions depending of weather conditions.