Learn to Sail and learn to Scuba Dive in a week. You'll take PADI Open Water Dive Course or Advanced one if you alreadi OWD. Also, you'll learn how to conduct Sailing Yacht.


One week immersion in sea water activities! You learn the knots, how to paddle standing, use Sea Kayak and power dinghy,

Accomodation on the land in comfortable apartaments. Day time you spend on sailing boat and diving boat.

From introductory to advanced sailing and scuba, water sports, land excursions, cultural immersion –Sail&Dive delivers fast-paced action for every experience level and adventurer. From trekking  arround small Dalmatian Islets to night sailing under a blanket of stars, experience sights beyond imagination and gain skills beyond your expectations on every S&D journey! From exploring the enchanted Dalmatian islands to diving on the mesmerizing Reefs – you are in for the ride of your life.
The Mediterranean is one of the most fascinating yachting playgrounds in the world. We explore just a small part of it, south-west Korculas’s archipelag, and with an emphasis not only on sailing and diving, shipmates visit famous sites  as Marko Polo’s birth house in town of Korcula. and one of the  most famous preistoric antic caves on its west side.

We are parents too.

so we understand that you want your kids to grow to be independent; capable of making positive choices that enable them to maximize their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and reach their fullest potential. Perhaps our hope for their happiness and success is at its strongest as kids reach the formative teen years. This is a pivotal time in their lives because these experiences and influences build the bridge from the children they once were to the adults they will become. At S&D, we provide our students with the tools they need to build a strong foundation for this transition. We do this by creating an environment that promotes self-discovery as well as social, emotional and intellectual growth.

What about safety?
Safety is paramount and comes first in everything that we do. Our programs are adventurous, so there is an element of risk in some of the activities that we do. However, when you are aware of the risk, you can better control it and, in many cases, use it in your favor as many learn best when they are slightly outside of their comfort zone. Risk management is a key part of operating our programs and at S&D we do this in through specific training and procedures.

PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices): European governing body for sailing, requires all crew to wear approved life vests whenever training vessels for youth are in motion. Whether aboard larger vessels or our smaller boats, one soul, one PFD is the only safe way to move.

Will I be with people my own age and grade?
Absolutely. We spend a lot of time matching our crews together based upon both age and grade. If you have a special consideration with ages or grouping, please call us

Is Sail & Dive like a traditional summer camp or teen tour?
S&D is not a traditional teen summer camp and is far from a teen tour. We are a training program first and foremost, and our programs are firmly grounded in experiential education. We offer programs specializing in sailing and scuba diving, as well as many other adventure water sports and activities. Underwater photografy and Video are also offered specifically for those interested in learning more about the underwater world.

Self-reliance and confidence come from achieving new skills and certifications, plus shipmates have a greater feeling of accomplishment from having done it themselves. This includes all aspects of living aboard a moving vessel, such as the cooking, cleaning, navigation, and, yes, taking the leadership role of skipper and running the entire vessel and crew for a part of day tour. Through this daily rotation of roles and responsibilities aboard, when our students throw the lines on the dock at the end of a day, they truly have a sence of achievement. It is the students who make their own adventure happen.

How do I know if this program is right for me?
A lot of this has to do with you as a person… your interests, likes and goals. Most teens with limited experience in sailing and diving choose to join us in beginners week for their first year aboard. Others may head straight for the Advanced program where we do Advance Open Water Diving Course with choice od underwater photografy or video. If you have your heart set on a voyage but don’t have the prerequisite certification level necessary just yet, call us. Often we can make suggestions as to how to achieve that before the summer, thus allowing you to join us for the desired program. For example, many students who are not yet certified scuba divers join us for an advanced scuba course by completing a diving referral at home prior to the summer.

What’s the food like?
Depends on who’s cooking! Our breakfast is clasic, milch, tea, toasted bread, butter, honey, marmelade, fruit, lunch is always season fuit, some pasta and meat, for dinner we prepare together barbecue with meat or fish. Fresh fruit and salate.

What’s the weather like?
As we are “island hopping” arround island of Korcula, we are never out of sight of, or more than a few miles from land.